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Tooth tissue loss

EROSION-The loss of tooth tissue by a chemical process that does not involve bacteria, acids are most commonly involved in the dissolution process’

ABRASION - The abnormal wearing away of tooth tissue by a mechanical process’ The location and pattern of abrasion is directly dependent upon its course It usually occurs on the exposed root surfaces when gingival recession has exposed the cementum It may be seen on the incisal or inteproximal surfaces of the teeth Causes of abrasion - Incorrect or destructive use of a toothbrush Use of an abrasive detrifice The enamel and dentine is worn away to produce a ‘V’ shaped notch at the neck of the tooth Areas most affected are the labial and buccal surfaces of the canines and premolars Powerful back hand, RHS of right handed person LHS of Left handed person Para functions, habits, occupations Mainly affects the incisal edges of the anterior teeth

ABFRACTION - ‘The pathological loss of enamel and dentine due to occlusal stresses’ Recently interest has grown in the development of cervical abrasive lesions The term abfraction has been used to describe these cervical lesions

1. Relieve sensitivity and pain – fluoride, desensitising agents/toothpastes
2. Identify aetiological factors – modify diet/habits, eliminate acidic foods/drinks, stop habitual practices, gentle tooth brushing techniques
3. Protect the remaining tooth tissue – reconstruct the effected teeth, restorations, inlays/onlays, crowns, check occlusion
4. Bite raising devices/splints